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Painting Gallery

A Patchwork of Blossoms Magnificent Milkweed Flowering Milkweed New Hampshire Meadow Smeall Meadow Stream

Meadow Walk Shy Blossoms Milkweed Flower II Milkweed Pod Bright Blossoms

View of the Fremont Land Two Milkweed Pods Splendid Blossoms The Fremont LandTall Queen Anne's Lace

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Casein paintings

After completing the illustrations for Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow in 2006, I wasn't ready to leave meadow images behind. I began painting several pictures of meadow plants and landscapes in casein paint, working with the many reference photographs I had taken while doing research for the book. The series has grown to be over fifty paintings. I hope you enjoy them.

Click any thumbnail to view the full painting. Please contact me for pricing and availability. I encourage interested buyers to view the paintings by appointment at my studio, if possible.