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Flower Clusters

Flower Clusters

What is casein paint?

Casein is a milk-based paint that is water soluble. It can often be found on painted antique furniture. It may be applied in any manner, thickly or as thin washes, and dries quickly to a natural matte finish. Casein should be painted on a rigid support such as wood, plaster or masonite board, as it could crack if used on a flexible surface like paper or canvas. In time, casein paintings dry to become insoluble.

Casein paint is lovely to use: it smells nice, is easy to clean up, and the color is very rich. It may be purchased in pre-mixed tubes of color; or as casein powder, which will then need to be mixed with pigment, water and borax.

The casein paint I use is Richeson Casein - The Shiva Series, available in tubes from


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